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The Future Economy Forum strengthens the transition towards this new mainstream that fully integrates economic development and business success with the regeneration of people and societies, nature and the climate.

This integration unlocks for all stakeholders Regenerative Value Creation – the new DNA of the necessary economy.

Global Alliance of Leaders
& Organizations

Collaboration is essential to create this new economic mainstream.

We are leaders from business, investment, government and other stakeholders. We integrate hands-on experience, research and creativity to discover and implement solutions inspired by the complexity of life and modern economies.

The Future of Agriculture is already here

The Future Economy Forum and its international partners accelerate and scale the transition towards a new mainstream of agriculture that will make a major contribution to our most pressing challenges and opportunities.

Already today various regenerative farming methods in diverse geographies, crops and scales are more productive than the current chemical mainstream of agriculture. They provide superior income for farmers and scalable solutions for the sustainable economic development of regions. They increase health, food security and biodiversity.

And because they sequester massive amounts of carbon, they are in addition to renewable energy and efficiency, the largest scale opportunity to regenerate the climate.

Solutions Initiatives

We focus on solutions. Together with our partners, we develop and strengthen initiatives that model and scale successful solutions for critical challenges and opportunities.

These Solutions Initiatives create regenerative value for all stakeholders – from nature and society to talent, owners and investors. => More about our Solutions Initiatives.

Innovation Labs for Regenerative Value Creation


Carbon Credits Finance Transformation


Developing a Regenerative Amazon Economy

B Corp Community Photo by Jurre Rompa

Scaling Benefit Corporations & B Corp Certification

Agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, Rizoma Agro

Mainstreaming Regenerative Agriculture Globally


Vatican Commission & Laudato Si Action Platform

National team Sarvodaya

Gandhian and Buddhist Inspired Action for Sri Lanka

Looking up at trees in forest

Religious Leaders for People, Biodiversity & Climate


Best Practices Platform

We highlight proven solutions and emerging discoveries.

We use AI and expert curation to select successful practices that already deliver Regenerative Value Creation for all stakeholders.

We invite you to the cutting edge of discovery and innovation where strong inspiration and ‘weak signals’ herald mega and meta trends.

Events to Inspire, Inform & Catalyze Action

‘Seldom one gets the opportunity to be as energized as I am right now.’
~Patrik Frisk, longtime president of global corporations, including The North Face, Under Armour and Timberland.

‘The Forum’s Solution Dialogues were a highlight of COP. Conversations that matter with people who decide.’
~Dr. Martin Frick, senior UN leader of the World Food Program and formerly of COP-host UNFCCC.

Over the past decades we learned how to integrate cutting-edge information and inspiration with reflection and dialogue to advance real partnerships and concrete action.

COP29 Solutions Event Series


COP28 Solutions Event Series

United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27 logo is seen on a smartphone screen

COP27 Solutions Event Series


Master Classes at Global Trade Fairs

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Business Innovation Labs

Heliopolis University - Cairo Solutions Summit - Future Economy Forum + Sekem

International Business Summits

ISPO Innovation Dinner NOW Partners

Executive Innovation Dinners


Leadership Retreats


People who are the story,
tell the story

Our Media Platform features outstanding leaders in business, agriculture, finance and other sectors explain how to implement Regenerative Value Creation across industries and continents.

Our platform features certified Master Classes, Executive Education Programs, Dialogue Series, Virtual Reality Experiences as well as other audio-visual and written resources. See our trailer below.

Leaders who model the future

Our Leadership Awards honor outstanding leaders across economic stakeholder groups.

These leaders and their organizations model the new economic mainstream, which integrates the regeneration of people, societies and nature with business success and regional economic development.