Climate Solutions Dialogue: UN Climate Change Conference SB60

Bonn, Germany. June 10, 2024

How can we accelerate systems change? After kicking off the second week of UN Climate Change Conference SB60 in Bonn, Germany, the Future Economy Forum and co-hosts SEKEM Group, Imaflora , EIT Food and Natural Capitalism Solutions convened a group of leaders, negotiators, NGOs, party representatives, student leaders and other stakeholders to come together for a Climate Solutions-focused evening of dialogue.

Some takeaways from the June 10th Climate Solutions Evening:

We were honored to host, Ayan Najaf, Board Member of COP29, who made a special address for the evening. COP29 will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan this November. She commented, “Our main target for COP29 is to revise existing solutions and frameworks to bring realistic and tangible insights, to stay within 1.5 degrees of global warming.”

Walter Link, Co-Founder & Chair, Future Economy Forum:
“Action often cannot be initiated in just one moment. What can be done, however, at events like tonight, is to build the relationships that then can allow for a sustainable collaboration to begin.”

“We will only scale climate solutions together. We may see opposing voices, adversaries in the political debate and so forth. But in the end, we need to work together to bring about solutions.”

Dr Lucy Wallace, EIT Food:
“By coming together as the Action on Food Hub at COP29, we aim to ensure that we’re working towards our shared food systems goals.”

“We will have a space for policy engagements for the food systems community to engage directly with negotiators and vice versa, and to provide resources for negotiators to engage with the business community, share ideas and solutions.”

Learn more about the Climate Solutions Event Series held in Bonn, and upcoming Climate Solutions events at UN Conferences from 2024-2025 in New York, Cali, Busan, Riyadh, Baku & Belem: