An Expanding, Global Action Community

The Future Economy Forum’s action community is rapidly expanding around the world.

It grew from the foundations of the work that some of our founding partners started already in the late 1980’s, when they co-founded and co-led the first sustainable business alliances across Western and Eastern Europe and South and North America, as well as supporting economic innovation on other continents.

In 2021, many of us decided that it was time to launch the Future Economy Forum (initially under the working title ‘United for Regeneration’) as a broad Solutions Platform and Global Alliance of leaders, organizations and alliances that point to and pave the way towards a new economic mainstream.

We believe that to advance towards a new economic mainstream we need to overcome the apparent fragmentation amongst the many economic reform movements, their leaders and approaches, organizations and alliances. Each is doing excellent work. But because it is done under such diverse terminologies, it is hard to recognize how much the best approaches and solutions have in common.

Scaling and Accelerating Regenerative Value Creation

We call this common ground Regenerative Value Creation that systematically integrates business success and economic development with the regeneration of people and society, nature and the climate.

The Forum’s purpose is to scale and accelerate this integration, regardless of which terminology is being used to describe it. What matters is that we reinforce each other’s efforts to advance together towards a new mainstream that serves all stakeholders, including nature and shareholders.

We are not suggesting that anybody should change their language or activities. We are only proposing that together we create a shared platform that makes visible the best solutions that we already found and together discover new ones to scale the implementation of Regenerative Value Creation.

Already before our official launch at this year’s COP28, the UN’s Global Climate Summit, we began to soft-launch the Future Economy Forum from the end of 2020 with diverse activities that ranged from action-oriented events to concrete Solution Initiatives.

Leaders from Business, Investment, Government and More

Since the outset of these activities over 5,000 leaders from business, investment, government and other stakeholder groups were actively engaged in our international events, over 4,000 of them in 2022.

Over 300 senior leaders spoke at these events about their Solutions that demonstrate that Regenerative Value Creation is already possible and successful around the world.

Solutions Initiatives and Events for the Future Economy

Many additional leaders contributed were impacted by our Media Offerings and our Solutions Initiatives that we support in diverse ways. Some of these initiatives are listed here. Many more will be added before the official launch of the Future Economy Forum at the end of 2023.

The initiatives that the Forum contributes to include the work of Rythu Sadhikara Samstha’s Vijay Kumar who already collaborates with 1 million women farmers in India’s Andhra Pradesh and with whom we collaborate to scale this regenerative agriculture around the world.

They also include our work with Messe Munich that convenes 20 of the world’s largest industry fairs, each of which collaborates closely with thousands of companies. At ISPO, the world’s largest sports fair that was attended by over 50,000 business leaders, we presented Master Classes and Mini-Innovation Labs on key business challenges and opportunities.

This year, we are supporting the launch of a series of year-long Innovation Labs in collaboration with NOW Partners, ISPO and other Messe Munich fairs that will impact the work of many companies and through them their teams, their supply and value chains.

Our goal is to go beyond the ‘already converted’ into the mainstream of business and other economic stakeholders to demonstrate that Regenerative Value Creation is their best option for the successful future of their companies and necessary for the thriving of all life on earth.