Carbon Credits Finance Transformation

This Solutions Initiative supports 43,000 Egyptian farmers to transition from conventional chemical-based farming to regenerative agriculture. By combining the income from selling their farming products and these carbon credits, farmers will significantly increase their income and the economic development of their communities.

At the same time, the agriculture practices this initiative helps them to implement will regenerate their soil and its water holding capacity. It increases biodiversity and the health of farmers and consumers. And it sequesters massive amounts of carbon, which helps to rebalance the climate.

In this project we collaborate with our founding partner Sekem, the Egyptian government, the Cairo Stock Exchange, the Bank of Egypt, the UN World Food Program and companies like Danone Egypt.

This very scalable approach to serve all stakeholders began with a commitment to support 2,000 farmers in their transition. During the 14-day event series that we hosted with Sekem before and during COP27, we were able to expand the commitment of our project partners to 43,000 farmers. This is what we mean when we say that our events are outcome oriented.

Find details about this Solutions Initiative here. Find more information about Sekem that for 45 years has been one of the world’s most inspiring examples of regenerative business and farming, education and community development at .

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