Events to Inspire, Inform & Catalyze Action

Our global events facilitate reflection and collaboration for concrete action.

Over the past decades of organizing events around the world, we learned how to integrate cutting-edge information and inspiration with reflection and dialogue to advance outcome-oriented partnerships and concrete action on the ground.

Event Types

  1. Leadership Retreats Category

    about retreats describing the approach

  2. United for Regeneration:
    Co-creating Resilient Food Systems Globally

    How can we successfully address the interrelated global urgencies of hunger, healthy and affordable nutrition, pandemics & biodiversity, soil, water, air and climate, greater productivity and profitability, good jobs and economic development?

    New and challenging risks are emerging in the already complex global food systems, as evidenced by t

  3. Global Trade Fairs Category

    Description of the Global Trade Fairs

  4. United for Regeneration:
    Brazil Roundtable on Regenerative Economy

    The purpose of this Roundtable included:

    • Listening to innovative and impactful economic voices from the Global South to inspire the global exploration of how we transition from our many crises toward regenerative solutions.
    • Introducing the meta perspective of co-creating a vision for Regenerative Market Economies and back-c
  5. United for Regeneration:
    First Latin American Roundtable towards a Regenerative Economy

    The purpose of this roundtable includes different objectives:

    • Hear innovative and impactful economic voices from the Global South to inspire global exploration of how we transition from our various crises to regenerative solutions.
    • Introduce a meta-perspective of co-creating a vision for Regenerative Market Economies and ho
  6. Heliopolis University - Cairo Solutions Summit - Future Economy Forum + Sekem

    Summits Category

    Content from all Regenerative Economy Forum Summits

  7. EndPandemics Roundtable:
    Appeal to World Leaders

    A Roundtable to Recommend Urgent and Practical Steps World Leaders Can Take to Prevent New Pandemics by Addressing their Root Causes

  8. Impact!Africa Roundtable:
    United for Regeneration

    Impact!Africa Consortium, in partnership with United for Regeneration & the Regenerative Economy Forum, and in collaboration with the Vatican COVID-19 Commission, is pleased to convene the first 2021 high-level Roundtable on “Rethinking the role of social innovations and systems change in scaling up access to inclusive financial services for


Individual Events

  1. businesswoman addressing colleagues at a corporate business meeting, close up

    Business Innovation Labs

    Companies across industries and continents face historic challenges and opportunities. We urgently need solutions for the multitude of interconnected crises society and business are facing right now.

  2. ISPO Innovation Dinner NOW Partners

    Executive Innovation Dinners

    In the past years, we hosted a series of dinners for senior leaders from diverse industries and sectors. They included presentations and gave participants the opportunity to engage for hours in intentional discussions and informal dialogues that supported reflection and concrete outcomes.

  3. Leadership Retreats

    As influential leaders, we have an historic responsibility – and opportunity – to respond to a growing number of urgent crises that will determine the future of life. Where and how shall we lead? How can we, individually and together, offer the world inspiration and concrete solutions that demonstrate that another economy, another world is possible?

  4. Heliopolis University - Cairo Solutions Summit - Future Economy Forum + Sekem

    International Business Summits

    The Future Economy Forum is hosting and co-hosting international summits around the world that bring together leaders from business, agriculture, finance, government and other sectors.

  5. Vatican

    Vatican Commission & Laudato Si Action Platform

    At the outset of the pandemic, two of our founding partners were invited to join the Vatican’s COVID-19 Commission that advises Pope Francis and other Vatican leaders on systemic challenges and opportunities, including on One Health, Regenerative Finance and Global South Debt Relief and other economy and business, public policy and communications.

  6. Master Classes at Global Trade Fairs

    Trade Fairs may not be the most obvious opportunity to scale the transformation towards a new economic mainstream based on Regenerative Value Creation. Yet at which other events and through which other long-term business relationships can we interact with tens of thousands of industry leaders across the full spectrum of nationalities, scales and degrees of sustainable business practice implementation?

  7. United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27 logo is seen on a smartphone screen

    COP27 Event Series

    Join us to rapidly scale solutions for a new economic mainstream that integrates business success and economic development with the regeneration of people and societies, nature and the climate.