Future Economy Forum News

  1. Climate Solutions Dialogue: UN Climate Change Conference SB60

    How can we accelerate systems change? After kicking off the second week of UN Climate Change Conference SB60 in Bonn, Germany, the Future Economy Forum and co-hosts SEKEM Group, Imaflora , EIT Food and Natural Capitalism Solutions convened a group of leaders, negotiators, NGOs, party representatives, student leaders and other stakeholders to come together for a Climate Solutions-focused evening of dialogue.

  2. Future Economy Forum at UN Climate Change Conference SB60

    At the UN Conference SB60 Side event, “Financing a Just Transition to Regenerative Food Systems through Multi Stakeholder Collaboration” with Sekem, Imaflora, EIT Food, NCS & Future Economy Forum. Spirited discussion and diverse perspectives shared.

  3. Action on Food Hub Launched at UN Climate Change Conference SB60

    A new initiative to join together three food pavilions at COP into one Action On Food hub, representing the whole food systems community, has launched today at the Bonn Climate Conference SB60.