Business Innovation Across Industries

The Future Economy Forum’s founding partners have worked for 40 years at the forefront of innovation and implementation across key aspects of business. As business owners and leaders, investors and other economic stakeholders they co-founded and co-led the first sustainable business and investment alliances across South and North America, Western and Eastern Europe as well as other continents.

They helped to innovate and scale cleantech and renewable energy, circularity and regenerative agriculture, microfinance, ESG and Impact Investing, Integral Accounting and the Benefit Corporation as well as many other innovations in business, finance, economics, technology and leadership. With these and other Solutions Initiatives they continue to support innovation across industries and business functions:

  1. Developing a Regenerative Amazon Economy

    The Amazon is one of the world’s largest and most important regions for the protection and regeneration of the global climate and water cycle, biodiversity and indigenous populations. It offers tremendous opportunities for medical cures, body care and healthy nutrition.

  2. B Corp Community Photo by Jurre Rompa

    Scaling Benefit Corporations & B Corp Certification

    The purpose of this Solution Initiative is to scale the adoption and implementation of the Benefit Corporation Legislation internationally. It gives companies the opportunity to legally commit to serve all stakeholders rather than only shareholders. So far 15,000 companies have become Benefit Corporations in Columbia, Ecuador, France, Italy, Rwanda and the US.

  3. Innovation Labs for Regenerative Value Creation

    Companies across industries and continents face historic challenges and opportunities. We urgently need solutions for the multitude of interconnected crises society and business are facing right now.