Economic Solutions Inspired by Nature

Nature spent billions of years developing excellent solutions, including humans, when we don’t use our outstanding intelligence to disturb nature’s exquisite balance. Regenerative agriculture and other solutions that are inspired by nature and human ingenuity produce outcomes that serve all stakeholders.

Financial market tools like carbon credits can accelerate and scale the implementation of regenerative forms of agriculture. (The same is true for Biodiversity Credits for which we are developing another Solution Initiative) Cultivating appropriate relationships with nature also addresses the root causes of Covid-19 and the prior 5 pandemics, including HIV / AIDS and Ebola, because regenerative solutions tend to address multiple challenges and opportunities.

  1. Deforestation

    Ending Root Causes of Pandemics

    The EndPandemics Solutions Initiative addresses the root causes of COVID-19 and the prior five pandemics, including HIV and Ebola. They cost millions of lives and trillions of US dollars, which could otherwise have been invested to regenerate the world. 

  2. Agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, Rizoma Agro

    Mainstreaming Regenerative Agriculture Globally

    The Future Economy Forum and its international partners aim to accelerate and scale the transition towards a new mainstream of agriculture that integrates better incomes for farmers and the economic development of their communities, the regeneration of soil and water ecosystems, food security, health, biodiversity and the climate.

  3. Carbon Credits Finance Transformation

    This Solutions Initiative supports 43,000 Egyptian farmers to transition from conventional chemical-based farming to regenerative agriculture. By combining the income from selling their farming products and these carbon credits, farmers will significantly increase their income and the economic development of their communities.