UN Climate Conference, Bonn, Germany

Future Economy Forum at the Bonn, Germany Climate Conference

Bonn, Germany. June 3-13, 2024. Like at COP28 and COP27, at the Climate Conference in Bonn the Future Economy Forum will host and lead Solutions Dialogues and Innovation Labs curated to strengthen the transition towards a new economic mainstream that integrates business success with the regeneration of people and societies, nature and the climate.

Kunstmuseum, Bonn

Solutions Dialogues & Innovation Labs that Lead to Action & Outcomes

Climate change is ultimately addressed when policy and commitments meet the real economy in tangible cases. Being present at the table and having a forward-thinking strategy towards a climate-proof future is critical for all organizations. We invite you to explore with us the sponsorship and partnership opportunities that will optimize your impact and success at the events leading up to COP29 including the Climate Conference at Bonn, NY Climate Action Week, and beyond.

Email us at: welcome at future economy dot forum to learn more about sponsorship and partnership opportunities.