Ending Root Causes of Pandemics

The EndPandemics Solutions Initiative addresses the root causes of COVID-19 and the prior five pandemics, including HIV and Ebola. They cost millions of lives and trillions of US dollars, which could otherwise have been invested to regenerate the world. 

Many experts warn us that the next pandemic could be even more devastating if we don’t address the often shared root causes of these diseases. The good news is that the solutions support conservation and biodiversity, the climate and economic development. 

EndPandemics is a coalition of 80 civil society and research organizations, business leaders, investors, policy makers and multilateral institutions. In Thailand its work contributed to the successful systematic implementation across all aspects of the government and healthcare system, customs, the police and military. 

The implementation of this comprehensive approach is now being considered by other ASEAN nations. EndPandemic also provided briefings and its roadmap to other countries, the UN, G7 and the G20. It is seeking support from companies and other stakeholders to scale implementations of known solutions and accelerate the development of additional ones.

=> Read Future Economy Forum & End Pandemics briefing to the G20.

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