Gandhian and Buddhist
Inspired Action for Sri Lanka

This Solution Initiative focuses on scaling the work of the Sarvodaya Movement in Sri Lanka and around the world. Sarvodaya was founded in the 1960s by Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne who is often referred to as ‘Sri Lanka’s Gandhi’ because of his transformational impact on many aspects of the country’s development.

Sarvodaya’s many activities are integrated into a holistic view and concrete action that support: Sri Lanka’s socio-economic development and environmental awareness, its democracy and village governance, its gender and ethnic equity and peace process, its Tsunami disaster and Covid pandemic management, its education system and spirituality that is inspired by Universal Human Values inherent in the teachings of the Buddha and Gandhi.

Several founding partners of the Future Economy Forum are among the leaders of Sarvodaya and its micro-finance institution, Sarvodaya Development Finance, whose inclusion in the Colombo stock exchange helped to inspire a movement towards more regenerative business, ESG and impact investing.

We are currently developing an initiative to help transform Sri Lanka’s agricultural sector towards regenerative practices that integrate greater sustainability with increasing farmers incomes and sustainable rural development.

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