Master Classes at Global Trade Fairs

If we want to go beyond meeting the ‘converted’ to transform the mainstream of the economy, we have to be where the mainstream meets and discovers innovation.

Trade Fairs may not be the most obvious opportunity to scale the transformation towards a new economic mainstream based on Regenerative Value Creation. Yet at which other events and through which other long-term business relationships can we interact with tens of thousands of industry leaders across the full spectrum of nationalities, scales and degrees of sustainable business practice implementation?

Therefore we joined our founding partners of NOW in a strategic partnership with Messe Munich’s ISPO Group that hosts the world’s largest international Sports and Outdoor industry fairs. Messe Munich hosts 20 of the world’s largest fairs.

At their November 2022 fair, which brought together 50,000 industry leaders, we offered a series of Master Classes and Mini-Innovation Labs. The presenters were senior executives from across industries and world class experts. Topics ranged from Supply Chains, Consumer Trends, Talent Attraction and Retention, Climate and Circularity to Digitalization, B Corp Certification, ESG Finance and Lobbying for Good. => Find program details here.

We expect an even larger number of industry leaders to attend ISPO 2023. We offered a similar program at OutDoor by ISPO fair that focuses on the Outdoor industry. And together with ISPO, we will offer program contributions at the Global Sports Week fair and the ChangeNOW conference, both 2023 in Paris.

The uniting theme of these Master Classes and Mini-Innovation Labs was how to future-proof companies through Regenerative Value Creation that integrates business success with the regeneration of people and planet. For many this innovative approach was new but convincing.

Together with Messe Munich’s ISPO, we offer in 2023 year-long Innovation Labs that allow participating companies to move from the inspiration they felt during the Master Classes and Mini-Innovation Labs to concrete innovation and implementation.

The INNO LABS are being offered to cross-industry groups to benefit from diverse experiences and perspectives.

The INNO LABS are also being offered to individual companies that want to drill deeper into a particular topic or integrate diverse topics into an integral strategy and implementation that overcomes silos. => Read more about the INNO LABS here.

We also co-hosted with ISPO an exclusive Innovation Dinner for top executives at the ISPO fair limited to 44 leaders. I was very well received because it gave leaders the opportunity to be inspired by our select presenters and then have the opportunity for in-depth dialogs with peers from diverse industries. For 2023 we are planning a series of these dinners at ISPO as well as at other fairs and conferences. => Please find more information here.