International Business Summits

Purpose & Approach:

The Future Economy Forum hosts and co-hosts international summits around the world that bring together leaders from business, agriculture, finance, government and other sectors.

The purpose is to support the emergence of a necessary economic mainstream that integrates economic success and positive impact.

We bring together those who have led this transformation for decades with those who still grapple to understand and implement it. Our focus is not on the past but on what we can do today and tomorrow to transition our own organizations and the overall economy that in one way or the other we all co-create. 

As always our focus is on concrete outcomes that go beyond the momentary meetings, which can however inspire us to act and create a basis for meaningful collaboration.

COP 27

Cairo, 2022

For the Future Economy Forum’s soft-launch at COP 27 in Egypt, we co-hosted with Sekem and many other partners from around the world, a 14-day series of events that included a Summit for 300 Egyptian and 100 international leaders in business, agriculture, finance, government and other economic stakeholder groups to prepare for COP 27 and to advance towards the mainstream of a new economic mainstream in Egypt and around the world. The plenary sessions of the Summit were also joined by 400 students of Heliopolis, the regions largest sustainable development universities who developed and presented concrete Regenerative Value Creation solutions that integrate the regeneration of people and the planet. Find details here. Link to Cairo Summit webs

COP 28

Dubai, 2023 

For our official launch at COP 28 in the United Arab Emirates, we organized a series of summits between November 30th and December 12th, 2023. These summits focused on integrated solutions for business, agriculture, finance, economics, education and governance for the climate, biodiversity and other natural ecosystems, health and society. Together with over 100 partners, we designed and co-hosted a dynamic, widely appreciated series of events in the Blue Zone, Green Zone and greater Dubai communities. Learn more about the highlights of COP28 here, and stay in touch to learn more about the Forum’s plans for COP29 and the UN Climate Conferences in Bonn and New York in 2024.

B for Good Leaders Summit

Rome 2022 and Amsterdam 2023

In 2022, our partners from NOW Partners hosted the Regenerative Economy track and other aspects of this Summit that brought together 700 leaders from diverse economic stakeholder groups. Many of them are Benefit Corporations and certified and aspiring B Corps. In May of 2023, we will again support the second Summit by curating and leading the Regenerative Economy Track. => More details here.


Paris, 2023

Together with our partners from Messe Munich’s ISPO Group and NOW Partners, we support the international ChangeNOW conference in Paris, in one of their key innovation tracks and as judges of one of their main competitions. The ChangeNOW theme is closely aligned with the Future Economy Forum’s mission: Solution for the Planet are emerging. Our mission is to find and accelerate them. => Please find details here.