Towards Regeneration in Agriculture

Key Climate Solution & Business Opportunity

Regenerative agriculture delivers healthier soils, better outcomes for farmers, and finer food for us all. It is also a major part of the solution to the climate crisis, to stopping the spread of pandemics, ending global hunger, and addressing rural poverty.

The Future Economy Forum works with farmers using more regenerative practices, and with advocates of more regenerative solutions and policy makers to implement these approaches more broadly.

Join us by educating yourself, and by buying from farmers who are transitioning to these practices, offsetting your carbon emissions through the programs profiled below, and spreading the word. 

The Business Case for Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture: The Future of Agriculture is Here. Learn from NOW & FEF CEO Walter Link how systems change to mainstream regenerative agriculture is a prime example of Regenerative Value Creation, that integrates better incomes for farmers and the economic development of their communities, the regeneration of soil and water ecosystems, food security, health, biodiversity and the climate.

Regenerative Agriculture: Key to Solving the Climate Crisis Hear from Hunter Lovins how Regenerative Agriculture has the potential to reverse climate change, improve community health while increasing productivity and climate resilience.

Regional Success Stories