Solutions Initiatives Overview

Together with our partners, we develop and strengthen initiatives that model and scale successful solutions for critical challenges and opportunities.

These solutions demonstrate that around the world, we already can integrate economic development and business success with the regeneration of people and societies, nature and the climate – what we call Regenerative Value Creation.

Below are a few examples of our Solutions Initiatives. More additions coming soon.

Business Innovation Across Industries

The Future Economy Forum’s founding partners have worked for 40 years at the forefront of innovation and implementation across key aspects of business. As business owners and leaders, investors and other economic stakeholders they co-founded and co-led the first sustainable business and investment alliances across South and North America, Western and Eastern Europe as well as other continents. 

They helped to innovate and scale cleantech and renewable energy, circularity and regenerative agriculture, microfinance, ESG and Impact Investing, Integral Accounting and the Benefit Corporation as well as many other innovations in business, finance, economics, technology and leadership. With these and other Solutions Initiatives they continue to support innovation across industries and business functions:

Innovation Labs for Regenerative Value Creation


Developing a Regenerative Amazon Economy

B Corp Community Photo by Jurre Rompa

Scaling Benefit Corporations & B Corp Certification


Economic Solutions Inspired by Nature

Nature spent billions of years developing excellent solutions, including humans, when we don’t use our outstanding intelligence to disturb nature’s exquisite balance. Regenerative agriculture and other solutions that are inspired by nature and human ingenuity produce outcomes that serve all stakeholders.

Financial market tools like carbon credits can accelerate and scale the implementation of regenerative forms of agriculture. (The same is true for Biodiversity Credits for which we are developing another Solution Initiative.) Cultivating appropriate relationships with nature also addresses the root causes of Covid-19 and the prior 5 pandemics, including HIV / AIDS and Ebola, because regenerative solutions tend to address multiple challenges and opportunities.

Agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, Rizoma Agro

Mainstreaming Regenerative Agriculture Globally


Carbon Credits Finance Transformation


Ending Root Causes of Pandemics


Universal Human Values Inspire Action

To co-create a new economic mainstream that contributes to regeneration, we can benefit from the fact that all around the world the vast majority of people believe in God’s benevolent creation or are inspired by secular values that are aligned with the regeneration of people and societies, nature and the climate.

Often secular and religious communities don’t collaborate to advance concrete solutions even though they share many objectives and values. They often don’t know how to communicate and work with each other. Their diversity makes them wonder whether to trust each other.

Future Economy Forum supports the collaboration of all people and institutions of good will to rapidly scale solutions that serve all stakeholders, including other species and nature. It is time to overcome our fragmentation so that together we can scale solutions.


Vatican Commission & Laudato Si Action Platform

National team Sarvodaya

Gandhian and Buddhist Inspired Action for Sri Lanka

Looking up at trees in forest

Religious Leaders for People, Biodiversity & Climate