Vatican Commission & Laudato Si Action Platform

At the outset of the pandemic, two of our founding partners were invited to join the Vatican’s COVID-19 Commission that advises Pope Francis and other Vatican leaders on systemic challenges and opportunities, including on One Health, Regenerative Finance and Global South Debt Relief and other economy and business, public policy and communications. 

Together with our team and other Commission members, we helped to generate briefings for the G7, the G20 and UN Summits. We co-authored white papers and co-created a series of Roundtables that brought together leaders of the Vatican and other faiths with over 200 senior leaders from government and multilateral institutions, business and agriculture, banks and investment as well as other stakeholders to consider concrete solutions for Regenerative Value Creation across industries and continents. 

During this period, the Vatican also invited us to join the economy steering group of the Laudato Sí Action Platform that is tasked with translating Pope Francis’s deeply inspired Laudato Sí and Fratelli Tutti encyclicals into concrete action to care for all forms of life on earth – ‘our common home’. The platform unites practitioners and congregations of diverse faiths with leaders and institutions from sectors such as research and education, policy and healthcare, business and investment. 

Together we pursue concrete activities to achieve seven interconnected goals: Responding to the cry of the earth and of the poor. Developing an Ecological Economy and adopting Sustainable Lifestyles. Promoting Ecological Education and Spirituality. And creating Communities of Resilience and Empowerment.