A Not-for-Profit Alliance

The Future Economy Forum is a not-for-profit alliance hosted by NOW Partners Foundation, a registered US 501c3 foundation.

100% of the financial surplus of any of the Future Economy Forum’s and NOW Partners’ activities is reinvested in activities that support our mission.

NOW Partner Foundation also owns and operates NOW Partners LLC, a US Benefit Corporation that is required by law to serve all stakeholders: www.now.partners

With our partners and Future Economy Forum Leadership Award laureate Senator Mauro del Barba and the Italian Benefit Corporation Association Societa Benefit as well as other B Corp leaders and companies we promote the scaling of the Benefit Corporation legislation around the world.

NOW Partners is also a certified B Corp, an independently audited performance standards that evaluates environmental, social, governance and wider system impacts. => Find here more information about the B Corp certification.

Sustainable Development
Goal Alignment

We are committed to help implement the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in all of our activities.

Our Solutions Initiatives, Events and Media activities address a mutually reinforcing mosaic of all 17 SDGs.

As a global alliance we have a particular appreciation of SDG 17 that states that the implementation of all other SDGs requires collaboration and partnership. Over the past decades, our partners have supported individual leaders and organizations to strengthen their capacity to collaborate. Our events are designed to promote and support collaboration and partnership.

We believe that we need to integrate the richness of our diversity with the recognition of our shared humanity and our interbeing with all other species.

Carbon Regenerative

We balance our direct carbon emissions by financially and otherwise supporting the reforestation of Egypt’s Wahat desert with Sekem, one of our founding partners.

We invite the participants in our events and other activities to mitigate their carbon emissions by buying EOL carbon credits that support 43,000 Egyptian farmers to earn better incomes by transitioning from conventional to regenerative agriculture, a process that sequesters significant amounts of scheme carbon.

=> Learn more about the Future Economy Forum Leadership Awards here.